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The development of plastic mould

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Update time : 2017-05-27 10:19:23
The development of plastic mould
    China's industrial plastic moulds from the start to now, after more than half a century, there has been great development, mold levels have been greatly enhanced. Mould has been at large can produce 48-inch big-screen color TV Molded Case injection mold, 6.5 kg capacity washing machine full of plastic molds, as well as the overall car bumpers and dashboards, and other plastic mould precision plastic molds, the camera is capable of producing plastic mould , multi-cavity mold small modulus gear and molding mold. Such as Tianjin and Yantai days Electrical Co., Ltd Polaris IK Co. manufactured multi-cavity mold VCD and DVD gear, the gear production of such size precision plastic parts, coaxial, beating requirements have reached a similar foreign the level of product, but also the application of the latest gear design software to correct contraction as a result of the molding profile error to the standard involute requirements. Production can only 0.08 mm thickness of a two-cavity mold and the air Cup difficulty of plastic doors and windows out of high modulus, and so on. Model cavity injection molding manufacturing accuracy of 0.02 to 0.05 mm, surface roughness Ra0.2 μ m, mold quality, and significantly increase life expectancy, non-hardening steel mould life up to 10~ 30 million, hardening steel form up to 50 ~ 10 million times, shorten the delivery time than before, but still higher than abroad,and the gap between a specific data table.

    Process, the multi-material plastic molding die, efficient multi-color injection mould, inserts exchange structure and core pulling Stripping the innovative design has also made great progress. Gas-assisted injection molding, the use of more mature technologies, such as Qingdao Hi-sense Co., Ltd., Tianjin factory 
communications and broadcasting companies, such as mold manufacturers succeeded in 29 ~ 34-inch TV thick-walled shell, as well as some parts on the use of gas-assisted mould technology Some manufacturers also use the C-MOLD gas-assisted software and achieved better results. Prescott, such as Shanghai, such as the new company will provide users with gas-assisted molding equipment and technology. Began promoting hot runner mold, and some plants use rate of more than 20 percent, the general heat-thermal hot runner, or device, a small number of units with the world's advanced level of rigorous hot runner-needle device, a small number of units with World advanced level of rigorous needle-hot runner mould.

    However, the use of hot runner overall rate of less than 10%, with overseas compared to 50 ~ 80%, the gap larger. In the manufacturing technology, CAD / CAM / CAE technology on the level of application of a new level to the enterprise for the production of household appliances representatives have introduced a considerable number of CAD / CAM systems, such as the United States EDS UG Ⅱ, the United States Parametric Technology Pro / Engineer, the United States CV CADS5 company, the British company DOCT5 Deltacam, HZS's CRADE Japan, the company's Cimatron Israel, the United States AC-C-Tech Mold Company and Australia's MPA Mold flow Mold analysis software, and so on. These systems and the introduction of the software, although a lot of money spent, but in our country die industry, and achieving a CAD / CAM integration, and to support CAE technology to forming processes such as molding and cooling, such as computer simulation, and achieved certain the technical and economic profits, promote and facilitate China's CAD / CAM technology.

   In recent years, China's own development of the plastic mould CAD / CAM system has achieved significant development, the main guarantor Software Engineering Institute, is the development of CAXA, Huazhong University of Science HSC5.0 development of the system and injection mold CAE software, and so on, these Die of domestic software with the specific circumstances in the application of computer and lower prices, and other characteristics, in order to further universal CAD / CAM technology has created good conditions.

    What’s more, China has been more extensive use of some new plastic mold steel, such as: P20, 3Cr2Mo, PMS, SM Ⅰ, SM Ⅱ, and the quality of life of mold has a direct significant impact on the overall use of the still less . Plastic Moulds standard model planes, such as standard putter and spring has given more applications, and there have been some of the commercialization of domestic hot runner system components. However, at present China Die level of standardization and commercialization in the general level of below 30 percent and foreign advanced industrial countries has reached 70 percent compared to 80 percent, still a large gap. Table 1, at home and abroad plastic mould technology comparison table. 

   Domestic projects abroad cavity injection model mm0.02 accuracy of 0.005 ~ 0.01 ~ 0.05mm cavity surface roughness Ra0.01 ~ 0.05 μ mRa0.20 μ m non-hardened steel die life 10 to 60 million 10 ~ 30 million hardened steel die life 160 ~ 300 million of 50 ~ 100 million hot runner mould overall utilization rate of more than 80 per cent less than 10 per cent level of standardization of 70 ~ 80% less than 30% of medium-sized plastic mould production cycle about a month 2 ~ 4 months in the mold industry in the amount of 30 to 40% 25 to 30% According to the parties concerned forecast, the market's overall vigorous mold is a smooth upward, in the next Die market, the development of plastic mould faster than the other Die, die in the proportion of industry will gradually improve.

   With the continuous development of the plastics industry, put on the plastic mold growing demands is a normal, and so sophisticated, large-scale, complex, long-life plastic mould development will be higher than the overall pace of development. At the same time, imports in recent years because of the mold, precision, large, complex, long-life die in the majority, therefore, reduce imports, increase Guochanhualu: perspective, in the mold of such high-end market share will gradually increase.

   The rapid development of the construction industry so that the various Profile Extrusion Die, PVC plastic pipe fittings Die Die market become a new economic growth point, the rapid development of highways, car tires also put a higher demand, radial tire Die, Die particularly active pace of development will also be higher than the overall average level of the plastic and wood, plastic and metal to make plastic molds in the automotive, motorcycle industry in the demand for huge household appliances industry in the "10th Five-Year Plan" period have greater development, especially refrigerators,air-conditioners and microwave ovens, and other parts of the great demand for plastic moulds, and electronics and communications products, in addition to audio-video products, such as color televisions, laptop computers and set-top boxes will be given a wider network development, which are Plastic Mold market is the growth point. Second, China's industrial and technological plastic mould the future direction of the major developments will include:  

    1, raising large, sophisticated, complex, long-life mold design and manufacturing standards and proportion. This is due to the molding plastic mould products increasingly large, complex and high-precision requirements, as well as requirements for high productivity and the development of a multi-mode due.  

    2, in the design and manufacture of plastic mould fully promote the use of CAD / CAM / CAE technology. CAD / CAM technology has developed into a relatively mature technology common in recent years CAD / CAM technology hardware and software prices has been reduced to SMEs generally acceptable level of popularity for further create good conditions; based on network CAD / CAM / CAE system integration structure the initial signs of emerging, and it will solve the traditional mixed CAD / CAM system can not meet the actual production process requirements of the division of collaboration; CAD / CAM software will gradually improve intelligence plastic parts and the 3-D mold design and prototyping process 3-D analysis will be in our plastic mould industries play an increasingly important role.  

    3, promote the use of hot runner technology, gas-assisted injection molding technology and high-pressure injection molding technology. Using hot runner mould technology can improve the productivity and quality of parts and plastic parts can be substantial savings of raw materials and energy conservation, extensive application of this technology is a big plastic mould changes. Hot Runner components formulate national standards, and actively produce cheap high-quality components, the development of hot runner mold is the key. Gas-assisted injection molding product quality can be guaranteed under the premise of substantially lower cost. Currently in the automotive and appliance industries gradually promote the use of the Chiang Kai-shek. Gas-assisted injection molding of the ordinary than the traditional injection of more parameters need to identify and control, and its more commonly used in large, complex products, mold design and control more difficult, therefore, the development of gas-assisted molding flow analysis software It seems very important. On the other hand in order to ensure precision plastic parts to continue to study the development of technology and high-pressure injection molding and injection-compression molding mould and die technology is also very important.  

    4, the development of new plastics molding technology and rapid economic mold. To adapt to more variety, less volume of production.  

    5, and improve standardization of plastic mould standard parts usage. China's mold and die level of standard parts standardization still low, the gap between the large and foreign, to a certain extent constraining the development of industries in our country die, die to improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs Die, Die standard parts to vigorously promote the application. To this end, first of all, to formulate a unified national standards, and in strict accordance with the standards of production, secondly it is necessary to gradually scale production, to improve the commercialization of the standard of quality, and reduce costs; again it is necessary to further increase the standard specifications of varieties.  

    6, Die application quality materials and advanced surface treatment technology for improving the quality of life and mold it is necessary.  

   7, research and application of high-speed die measurement technology and RE. CMM-use 3D scanner or RE is the realization of plastic moulds CAD / CAM one of the key technologies.

   Research and Application of diversity, adjustment, cheap detection equipment is to achieve the necessary precondition for RE.