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Developing Trend for Plastic and Plastic Mold

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Developing Trend for Plastic and Plastic Mold
1 Plastic industry
    Since the reform and open policythe plastic processing industry in our country has developed rapidly in the speed of 10% annual averageit is 3 to 5 percentage points high- -er compared to the speeding up average of GDPAt presentour country has marched into the world plastic great nation ranksthe annual output of plastic products has been the second of the worldand has formed the class complete industry system
    Along with the unceasing expanding of the application area for plastic productsthe production of plastic products in the world in the future 10 years will increase in the speed of 3% per yearthe total capacity of plastic products in the world in 2010 will be up to 186 million tonsThe greater demand for plastic products in our country will be kept onthe production of plastic products will increase in the speed of 10% per yearAnd it is estimated thatthe total capacity of plastic product in our country will approach to 40 million tons in 2010.
    The development key of plastic industry in the future in our country is in the aspect of plastic product in industrytraffic and engineeringthe packing plastic productsbuilding plastic productsagricultural plastic products and the water saving plastic pro- -ducts etc
1.1 Plastic products in industrytraffic and engineering 
    Engineering plastic is the category that developed quickest in the plastic industry at presentAlong with the fast development of the economy in our countryits application scope and quantity has increased unceasingly. The products in this scope include the plas-  -tics used in traffic and carrying trade as well as the engineering plastics used in electron- -icelectrical appliance and information industry etcIn 2005the total demand of engi- -neering plastic products in our country was approximately 4.5 million tonsin 2010the demand of plastic only for automobile will be up to 1 million tons.
1.2 Plastic products in packing 
    Plastic has the excellent characteristicsand the packing field is the biggest fieldthe plastic to be used. The statistic indicates thatplastics used in packing in each country are equally to 35%.In 2003the plastic product outputs used in packing in our country was 4.65 million tons ,account for 28.1% of the total output of plastic productthe production value amounted to 68 billion Yuanit grew 14.2% compared with 2001It is estimated that, the growth rate of annual average for packing plastic product in our country before 2010 is 12%.
1.3 Plastic products in building 
    Plastic building material is the new building material of emerging 4th generationmainly including the plastic tubeplastic doors and windowsbuilding waterproof mate- -rialheat-insulated material and decorative material etcthe use is extremely broad in construction worksmunicipal engineeringvillage and small town construction as well as the industry constructionThe plastic building materials not only can substitute for the traditional building materials such as lumbersteels and so onbut also has many superioritiessuch as energy saving and material savingenvironment protectionimproving
2 living environmentenhancing construction function and qualityreducing building deadweighteasy for constructing and so onBuilding industry is the national economy pillar industrythe building industry of our country will be able to have a greater develop- -ment in the next 5—15 years

1.4 Plastic products used in agriculture and plastic water saving equipment
    As a result of the widespread application of agricultural ground mulching membrane and coting membranethe rapid promotion of agricultural high efficiency water saving irrigation engineering as well as the scaled development of the related professions such as fisheryanimal husbandry and forestry etcthe agriculture has become the 2nd big exp- -ense domain of plastic products that is only inferior to the packing professionThe huge potential of agricultural plastic market has provided a wider development space for the development of plastic industryThe overall area of ground mulching membrane in the whole country is 170 million Chinese areasagain adding the ammoniate membraneensilage membranemembrane used for forage grass in the twine membraneplastic grow seedlings vesselsun visor netfishing netmaterials used for agricultural products to store and maintain freshnesspesticide appliancefoam plastic plate and so onthe agr- -icultural plastic product needed in the whole country is approximately 3 million tons. Along with the persistent and fast development of the social economy in our countrythe fresh water resources is more and more deficientthe plastic water saving equipment will have a huge developing space
1.5 Plastic products used in commodity and medicine 
    Along with the unceasing enhancement of people’s living levelthe amount of plas- -tic products needed in each daily life will be increased unceasinglythe everyday use products still have a tremendous potential marketMedical plastic product is the product that the technical content and attachment value is highest in the plastic industrynow it is growing in a speed of 15% yearly averageBut the production value of medical plastic product in our country only accounts for 2%3% of the medical plastic product produc- -tion value in the worldthe average consumption for per person is not up to 5% of the developed countryThereforethe market prospect of medical plastic product in our country is extremely broad
2 Mold industry
    Because of the powerful drawing of market demandsmold industry has developed in high speedthe market is broadthe production and marketing are both prosperousIn the recent three yearthe yearly average rate of  mold industry in our country is 21%. The production value in 2003 exceeded 45 billion YuanIt was approximately equal to 5 billion above US dollarsoccupied the 3rd in the worldThe forecast of the experts in the industry is thatthe plastic mold in our country will still increase in the speed of above 15% yearly average rate in the next 10 years and even a longer termAt the same timethe exportation of mold also has a wide developing prospect
    For the next period of timethe demand for mold will be mainly in 4 professionsthe automobile professionhome appliances profession, electronic and communication profession and building materials professionAs for the automobile professionnow the output of automobile in our country exceeds 4 millionthe basic vehicle type has been up to 170 kindsthe new type vehicle and the refitted type vehicle will be up to 430 kindsthere are approximately 80% molds which need to be replaced when the type of vehicle to be changedone model automobile will need thousands of moldsit worth’s one hundred million YuanIn home appliances professionthe color TVrefrigeratorwasherair-conditionermicrowave ovenvideo tape recordervidiconVCD and DVD etc are mostly combined by the plastic and rubber product fittingsthus it needs quite a lot of molds
    The plastic processing industry and the mold manufacturing industry taking as the sunrise industrythe technology of processing and manufacturing will be changing with each new dayAlong with the unceasing development and application of the modified plasticmill micron plastic and special engineering plasticsas well as the information technology fast developing must bringing the high accuracythe high complex degreethe high uniformity and the high production with low consumptionthe plastic processing industry and the mold manufacturing industry will certainly become one of the industries which have the most deve1oping future in the 21th century

Flat Running Tire
    This new utility model is a flat running tire which is related to the automobile fittings fieldIt is mainly designed for the existing automobile to be in wrong direction after the tire is blowout and the insecurity factor of the latter vehicle followsThe design feature is that there should provide with at least four air piston assemblies in the rubber tireThe described air pressure piston assembly includes cylinder, piston, backplane, connecting screw , supporting platepositioning screwvalve of air piston assembly and bladderThe valve of air piston assembly is linked to the bladder through the cylinderthe back plane is mounted on the wheel hubthe backplanes is fixing connected with each other by connecting screwthe bottom of cylinder is fixed on the backplanethe suppor- -ting plate is fixing connected with the pistonthe piston is dynamically linked with the cylinder body and at the connecting position between the two is set with the positioning boltthe bladder is set inside the cylinderThis new utility model solves the technical problems of the insecurity factor that the vehicle is in wrong direction after the tire is blowout and the latter vehicle followsand the design is rationa1. It will play extremely important role to eliminate the unsafe traffic incidents
Belt Ply of All Steel Radial Truck Tire
    This utility model is a belt ply of all steel radial truck tire which is related to autom- -obile tireit is specifically a belt ply of radial tireAccording to the design plan that this new utility model is providedthe belt ply of all steel radial truck tire includes rubber and a number of core sections which is inside the rubberThe feature of this utility model isthe core sections of the belt ply are made up by a single thread in the middle and 6 single threads equably surrounded the single threadThe density of the core sections in the rubber is 62 threads for each 10cmA number of core sections in the rubber makes up of the cordBy this utility modelthe processing technology can be simplifiedthe 4 production costs will be reduced and the service life would be extended 
A Safe Tire
    This utility model is related to a kind of safe tireIt includes the carcass and the valve which is inside the carcassThere intothere is the inside and outside air chambers which are separated by the separating ring wall between the inner and outer ring walls of the carcassThe above mentioned valve is connected with the inside and outside air chambersThis utility model provides a kind of safe tire which improves the running safety of vehicleso that the accidents of tire flying off caused by the outer ring wall of carcass be punctured or the tire be suddenly blowout during the vehicle is in driving could be avoidedand the sudden traffic accident can be reduced  
Steel Braided Hose inner Mold
    This utility model is related to a steel braided hose inner moldThe feature of it is that the inner mold is a solid cylinder, its core is made of flexible steel cord frameworkand the outer layer of the framework is soft rubber layer. This utility model has the same advantages that the size of hose inside diameter is adjustable and the quality of product can be guaranteedAt the same timedue to the inner mold has flexible. So the length of steel braided hose is no longer limited by equipment and plantThe leftover material is effectively reducedand the production cost and energy consumption of steel braided hose has also been reduced effectively