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Design and Technology of the Injection Mold

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Update time : 2017-06-03 10:15:41
Design and Technology of the Injection Mold
    13D solid model to replace the center layer model The traditional injection molding simulation software based on products of the center layer model. The user must first be thin-walled plastic products abstract into approximate plane and curved surface, the surface is called the center layer. In the center layer to generate two-dimensional planar triangular meshes, the use of these two-dimensional triangular mesh finite ele-ment method, and the final result of the analysis in the surface display. Injection product model using3D solid model, the two models are inconsistent, two modeling inevitable.
    But because of injection molding product shape is complex and diverse, the myriads of changes from a three-dimensional entity, abstraction of the center layer is a very difficult job, extraction process is very cumbersome and time-consuming, so the design of simulation software have fear of difficulty, it has become widely used in injection molding simulation software the bottleneck. HSCAE3D is largely accepted3D solid / surface model of the STL file format. Now the mainstream CAD/CAM system, such as UG, Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA and SolidWorks, can output high quality STL format file.
    That is to say, the user can use any commercial CAD/CAE systems to generate the desired products3D geometric model of the STL format file, HSCAE3D can automatically add the STL file into a finite ele-ment mesh model, through the surface matching and introduction of a new boundary conditions to ensure coordination of corresponding surface flow, based on3D solid model of analysis, and display of three-dimensional analysis results, replacing the center layer simulation technology to abstract the center layer, and then generate mesh this complicated steps, broke through system simulation application bottlenecks, greatly reducing the burden of user modeling, reduces the technical requirement of the user, the user training time from the past few weeks shorter for a few hours. Figure 1 is based on the central layer model and surface model based on 3D solid / flow analysis simulation comparison chart.

   2.Finite ele-ment, finite difference, the control volume methods Injection molding products are thin products, products in the thickness direction of size is much smaller than the other two dimensions, temperature and other physical quantities in the thickness direction of the change is very large, if the use of a simple finite ele-ment and finite difference method will cause analysis time is too long, can not meet the actual needs of mold design and manufacturing. We in the flow plane by using finite ele-ment method, the thickness direction by using finite difference method, were established and plane flow and thickness directions corresponding to the size of the grid and coupling, while the accuracy is guaranteed under the premise of the calculation speed to meet the need of engineering application, and using the control volume method is solved.
The moving boundary problem in. For internal and external correspondence surface differences between products, can be divided into two parts the volume, and respectively formed the control equation, the junction of interpolation to ensure that the two part harmony contrast.

   3.Numerical analysis and artificial intelligence technology Optimization of injection molding process parameters has been overwhelming majority of mold design staff concerns, the traditional CAE software while in computer simulation of a designated under the conditions of the injection molding conditions, but is unable to automatically optimize the technical parameters. Using CAE software personnel must be set to different process conditions were multiple CAE analysis, combined with practical experience in the program were compared between, can get satisfactory process scheme.
   At the same time, the parts after the CAE analysis, the system will generate a large amount of information about the project ( product, process, analyzes the results ), which often results in a variety of data form, requiring the user to have the analysis and understanding of the results of CAE analysis ability, so the traditional CAE software is a kind of passive computational tools, can provide users with
, effective engineering conclusion, to software users demand is too high, the influence of CAE system in the larger scope of application and popularization. In view of the above, HSCAE3D software in the original CAE system based on accurate calculation function, the knowledge engineering technology is introduced the system development, the use of artificial intelligence is the ability of thinking and reasoning, instead of the user to complete a large number of information analysis and processing work, directly provide guiding significance for the process of conclusions and recommendations, effectively solve the CAE of the complexity of the system and the requirements of the users of the contradiction between, shortening of the CAE system and the distance between the user, the simulation software by traditional " passive" computational tools to " active" optimization system.
    HSCAE3D system artificial intelligence technology will be applied to the initial design, the results of the analysis of CAE interpretation and evaluation, improvement and optimization analysis of 3 aspects.