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Two color injection molding

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Author : Elaine
Update time : 2021-06-15 11:14:29

Two color injection molding is a part with two kinds of plastic injection molding to achieve.
The generalized two-color injection molding includes overmolding, which is realized by two injections of common injection molding machine.
The narrow sense of two-color injection molding refers to the use of two-color injection molding machine, two different plastics in the same machine to complete the injection parts, common is rotary.
The former does not require high equipment, but the production efficiency is low. It is basically only applicable to the molding of soft and hard materials with low requirements. The latter has good application scope, good product quality and high production efficiency, which is the current trend.
1.1 requirements
The matching materials of two-color injection molding must meet two basic compatibility conditions: adhesion compatibility and processing compatibility. In addition, the following requirements must be met:
(1) Injection unit, parallel in the same direction, parallel in the opposite direction, horizontal and vertical L-shaped, Y-shaped single cylinder injection structure;
(2) Mixed nozzle, special nozzle such as pattern, wave, flow mark, gradual layer and interlayer;
(3) Clamping die, standard type, vertical rotary table type, horizontal rotary table type, rotary shaft type, manipulator rotation type, etc;
(4) In addition to the standard hydraulic motor drive, there is ESD (electric screw drive) electric feeding structure;
  1. Oil circuit, ACC pressure storage, high speed injection and closed circuit design.