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High volatility in plastic prices

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Update time : 2021-05-14 09:43:31
The reason why the inventory is depressed is that the price of PE is close to 8000yuan / ton in January, and the price rose to 9200 yuan / ton in March;

PP rose from 8000 yuan / ton in January to 9600 yuan / ton in March;

The price of PVC also rose from 7900 yuan / ton in January to 9200 yuan / ton in March.

In April, although the prices of these varieties have fallen, they are still at a high level.

In May, the material keep soaring.

Plastic price fluctuates at high level, which brings some pressure on risk control and capital cost for trade enterprises.

Oil is an important basic raw material of plastics, and the price of plastics is closely related to the price of crude oil. From January to March this year, the price of crude oil continued to rise due to the double influence of supply and demand, which led to the rise of plastic raw material price. In addition, the overall demand for plastics is better, and it also supports the price.

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