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Mold Design and Manufacture (part 2)

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Update time : 2017-06-21 10:18:24
Mold Design and Manufacture (part 2)
3 Sprinkle to cast into the type system mold technique
    Sprinkling to cast into technical and common characteristics of the type system mold is according to the kind piece for basis, sprinkle a convex and cave mold, a surface do not need the machine to process. Make physically to mainly have following several categories type in the mold.
4 Extrusions takes shape the technology
     Using the beryllium copper alloy good thermal conductivity and the stability, after the solid melt aging treatment of metal, use the swaging pressure to make the mold concave model cavity. Its characteristic is makes the cycle short, the cavity precision is high (the IT7 level), surface roughness Ra=0.025 mu m, the intensity is high, the life may reach 500,000 times, does not have the environmental pollution. This technology is using the metal material in the thin crystal grain, certainly takes shape the temperature, under the low distortion speed condition, when the material has the best super plasticity, toes attend to carry out raised mold which the initiative finishes, then may extrude the concave mold with the small strength one kind of fast economical pattern making technology. Ultra models takes shape material typical representative is Zn-22%AL.
5 Do not have the mold multi- spots forming technology
    Does not have the mold multi- spots fast forming technology is by CAD/CAM/CAT. The technology is the main method about, may adjust the base main body group highly using the computer control to form forms the surface, replaces the traditional mold to carry on the three dimensional curved surface forming to the sheet an modern advanced manufacture technology. This technology may change the distortion way and the stressful condition at will, enhances the material the formed limit, may form repeatedly, by this elimination material interior remaining stress, the realization does not have the snapping back forming. 
6 Uygur bright steel belt blanking falls the material patternmaking technology
    The new steel belt blanking falls the material pattern making technology is one kind is different with has raised, the concave mold structure steel belt mold generally, it is with specially makes the new fast economical pattern making technology by the single edge steel belt which the backing strip is composed. This kind of mold weight is light, only then 200kg, the processing precision for ±0.35-0.50mm, may suit each kind of black and the non-ferrous metal 0.5-0.65 mm thick sheet processing generally. The life may achieve 5-25 ten thousand, the production cost is low.  
7 Molds semi finished materials fast manufacture technology solid casting 
    Because the massive molds are belong to the single unit or the production, the mold semi finished materials manufacture quality and the cycle and the cost to the final mold quality and cyclical and the cost influence are very important. The modern mold semi finished materials widely have used the seeds casting technology, the so-called solid casting is (polystyrene PS either polymethacrylate PMMA) manufactures using the foam plastics replaces traditional the wooden mold or the metal pattern, after the modeling does not have to take out the model, then may the casting, under the foam plastics model high temperature liquid metal function, deflagrate the gasification but to vanish, the molten metal substitution original foam plastics model holds the position, after the condensation forms the casting.  
8 Other aspects technologies
    In order to simplify the mold the structural design, reduces the mold cost, reduces the mold manufacture cycle, in domestic and foreign also successively appeared some other aspects new technology application, like trades the mold frame, the ramming unit, the cutting edge built-up welding quickly, inlays the block casting, the nitrogen spring and so on.
Nitrogen springs on mold application 
    The nitrogen spring is one kind of new elastic function part, replaces the spring, the rubber, the polyurethane or the air cushion with it side, it can accurately provide presses the strength, then may have the greatly initial ball pressure in the small space, does not need pre- tightly, is basically hit the pressure basically in the mold entire work process to be constant. The ball pressure size and the working point position may, accurate, conveniently adjust as necessary, simplifies the mold to stretch, nearby the pressure, ex-donning is structuralism, simplifies the mold design, reduces the pattern making cycle, debugs the mold to be convenient, reduces the replacement mold time, enhances the production efficiency.  
    Fast trades the mold technology  
    Because product variety increasing, causes the mold in the production the transmutation extremely frequently, how thereupon reduces the ramming equipment the down time, enhances the production efficiency, fast traded the mold technology to receive people's attention. At present developed industrial nation some big companies traded the mold speed to achieve astonishing degree, whether had fast trades the mold technology to become for an enterprise technology advancement sign. The always tendency is reduces the mold to install on the equipment, to be fixed, the adjustment time, this both must give in the equipment structural design to consider, and must in the mold structural design, the standardized aspect consider, machine on work as far as possible placing machine under will do.
Ramming units’ combination technology 
    The ramming unit combination technology is dies a resolve into each one simple unit the convention to die, according to the working procedure request, the arrangement combination, completes the many kinds of ramming working 
procedure when the identical inferior stroke the new craft equipment, the work the ramming unit not with the punch press slide joint, only needs the slide attack then to complete the ramming work. When independent employment it is 1 complete mold. It may use for to process the sheet or the molding punch holes, falls the material, cuts the angle, the grooving, shuts off and the shallow stretch and so on. Has the assembly strongly, the easy to operate, the versatility, the efficiency is quickly good and so on the characteristic, suits the multi- varieties specially, center the production.
May process the plastic in mold manufacture application. 
    May process the plastic to be common in the developed industrial nation application, specially in manufacturing industry and so on automobile, airplane, mainly replaces the lumber or the metal manufacture automobile body host model, the profile, examines has and the casting model and so on. May process the plastic the main characteristic is has both the lumber and the metal fine workability, the manufacture craft simple and direct (may use compression molding, pour, spells sticks, method well and so on sculpture), the size stability, does not distort, bears moistly, anti-corrosive, is easy to repair, the easy modification, the weight light, the manufacture cycle short, the cost to be low. Fast economical pattern making technology type very many, its has the characteristic, the application scope are various, this article only can broadly make some simple introductions, each kind of technology still had many concrete technological processes, the craft parameter and its the technical characteristic in the concrete application and the implementation process.    
    The mold is one of foundation industries, in the globalization market economy and under each kind of high technology and new technology swift and violent development situation, the fast economical mold has entrusted with the new mission and the brand-new connotation, the classification increases unceasingly, the fast economical pattern making material turns towards the multi- varieties serration to make great strides forward, the craft has the new innovation and the breakthrough unceasingly, is published one after another with it supplementary equipment, the service domain in opens up unceasingly, the creation economic efficiency is more and more remarkable.
    Along with the commodity economy development, the intense market competition, the product renewal acceleration, is reducing the cycle to the fast economical pattern making technology, reduces the cost, will increase the precision and lengthens the life aspect the request to be able to be more and more high inevitably. Because it can cause the enterprise to win the market, creates the remarkable economic efficiency, more and more receives entrepreneur's favor and the concerned leader department's enormous attention and the policy fund support.
   Each kind of fast economical pattern making technology also can consummate mature and the development unceasingly in the promoted application process, as a result of the high technology and new technology development, each kind of technical bonding with the seepage, for the adaption production in different  demand, surely will be able to form some, the frugal energy, the frugal material fast pattern making technology new from now on.